اقسم لكم ان هذا الفيديو جعل ثلاثة متشددين في الدين ينتكسون وجعلهم ينضرون اليه وجعلهم يكرهون الدين وياتون الي الانتر نت يتفرجون على هادا الفيديوء في السر وجعلهم ينتكسون اقسم لكم اني رئيتهم في مقهى انتر نت
I swear to you that this video made three militants in the religion and make them relapse Indharon him and make them hate religion and come to awatch the Inter Net Hada Alvediu in secret and make them relapse I swear to you, I see them in the Inter Net cafe


hiiiiiiiiiiiiii smail

hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii smail

اريد بس اجرب كيف سوف يكون العنوانوهادي الخانة الكبيرة

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Greetings to all people in all the world

Introducing Subscriptions Do you have trouble keeping track of all the blogs you read each morning? You may use RSS feeds to keep track, but those can be tricky to manage for a non-technical person. You may also open multiple tabs and scan through every blog, but that becomes difficult with a large number of blogs to re … Read More

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Greeting to all people in all the world

In fact, you have a beautiful life, especially with the beaches full of people in and freedom and how I feel that God loves you and it helps you in everything you are inspiring in the sense and feeling Dalk

Sweet Submittance Becky, our friend Sherry and I went to the beach yesterday. We swam and laid out on the beach from 9:30 am – 5pm. I got a sun burn on the backs of my legs, I got lots of reading done and a ton of sand in my bathing suit, but the beach is such a contemplative place for me. Everything about the ocean reminds me how much God loves me. It’s a testimony of the strength of His love. I went swimming in the morning. The girls and I had to swim out past t … Read More

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Musical Houses (via Becoming Perfect)


Musical Houses Ok, so, all of you faithful readers know that I have an utter love for the game of ‘Musical Houses.” Well, the music has stopped and I’ve chosen a new address. Yes, I’m moving again. Remember the Burns? I will be heading back to live them for a little while. They’ve lovingly given me the opportunity to live with them as I pay off debt and… drum roll please… go back to school full time. The past two and a half weeks of unemployment have really mad … Read More

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